Parqio offers easy access to the garage gate by using app, calling or license plate recognition cameras (in selected garages only).

1) Receive invitation

To gain access to your garage and/or manage your parking spot, you must be invited by your garage manager. You'll receive an SMS invite once you are added.

2) Log in

To get started you download the Parqio app for iOS or Android, and log in using your phone number.

3) Complete registration

To use the Parqio app you must approve terms and conditions, and add your name, email and vehicle license plate number(s).

4) Open gate

When opening the app you will see your garage on a map, and can open the gate by long pressing the big key icon on the screen. If you have access to multiple gates you'll find them by clicking on the key icon.

To open the gate you can also call +47 23 50 68 88.

If you have access to multiple gates, you will be asked which one to open.

5) Add users

If activated and allowed by the Board, you can add users to a parking space by pulling the white card upwards, then clicking on "Share access to the garage".

All you need to do is choose the space you want to share, add the phone number if the person and set the length of the stay. The user added will automatically receive an SMS invite, and can open the gate themselves.

Are there other permanent users of your spot? Add them as temporary users and reach out to your garage administrator or Parqio support and we'll give them permanent access.

Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact Parqio support via chat or email 😊

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