With Parqio Admin, we make it easy for you as an administrator to keep track of who has access to the garage at any given time. This guide shows you how to easily add and remove residents and others who need access to the garage.

Signing in

If you have been registered as an administrator for your garage, you will receive an SMS invitation to Parqio Admin as soon as it has been confirmed on our end.

The admin panel can be found at https://admin.parqio.com

Log in with your mobile number and one-time code that you will receive via SMS.


Depending on the type of agreement your housing company has with Parqio, you will in the panel see if:

  • Residents can invite new residents

  • Residents get free automatic access* (Applies to all users with registered vehicles)

Note that these functions are controlled by Parqio. If you want to make changes to these settings, please contact us.

* Applies to garage systems that support automatic opening.


Under 'Entrances' you will have an overview of all gates and doors associated with your garage and/or housing association. You can inspect when the specific gate or door was last opened.

You can also remotely control the door by clicking on the desired garage door and pressing 'Open door'

Spaces and users

In the admin panel, you will have an overview of how many spaces are registered in the garage, and how many users have these at their disposal.

Press this green 'P button' for more selections.

Click on 'invite users to space' to invite a new user to the selected place. You can also make changes to already registered users by pressing the pencil symbol.

Invite user

To invite a user, enter the mobile number of the person who will get access. When you press 'Save', an SMS invitation will be sent to the specified user.

As an administrator, you can choose whether the user should have permanent or temporary access by pressing the lever next to 'User is a space owner'. If you want to grant temporary access, you must define a time period for how long the user will have access.

Tip: If the feature that allows residents to invite users is turned on, residents can even invite guests and others who need temporary access.

Remove access

If you want to remove residents who will no longer have access, press the specified place and then the pencil symbol next to the resident's name.

Then press the lever 'User is a space owner' to turn off permanent access.

Access is now changing from permanent to temporary. The system sets 3 days by default. You can adjust this to apply for a longer period or the same day by selecting dates in the calendar. Then press 'Save'.

Please note: When access to a user changes, they will in the current solution receive a new SMS invitation (Temporary/Guest Parking). We are working to improve this part of the solution as this can seem confusing to residents. (Resident/end-user does not need to do anything)

Removal of access for registered users will take effect at midnight on the day the access expires. Contact us on chat if you wish to remove access immediately.

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