You can give other users access to your space by pressing the white garage card and choosing "Share space".

Enter the mobile number of the person you want to share access with and choose what period they should be allowed to use the space. An invite with instructions will be sent to the person's mobile phone.

How to share your space using the Parqio-app:

1) Open the Parqio-app and press the white garage card to find more options. If you have access to multiple garages or gates you can swipe the card to find the correct garage.

2) Press "Share space". If you have multiple spaces, you can swipe to find the space you want to share with your guest.

If you can't find the button "Share space" it means you do not have permission to share access to the garage. In this case, contact an administrator to add more users.

3) To share access, you must first select the period you want to allow access. The app automatically suggests 3 days from today's date.

To change the period, first press the desired start date, and then the desired end date (you can scroll through the months). To grant access for only one day, press the start date, and then the same date to set the end date.

In some garages, there is a limit to how long you can share access. The app will automatically adjust the period if it exceeds this.

4) Enter the mobile number of the person you want to grant access to. We send out an SMS invitation with a link to download the app. If they are not able to download the app, they can also open the door by calling (+47) 23 50 68 88.

Access terminates automatically when the period expires.

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