You can add more users to your parking space by pulling the white card upwards, and press "Share access to your garage".

All you need to do is choose the space you want to share, insert the persons' mobile number and choose which time period you want them to have access. The person then automatically receives a text message from us, and can open the gate themselves.

How to share access from the Parqio App:

1) Open the Parqio app and pull the white card upwards to see more options. Press the "Share access to your garage" button.

If you cannot see the "Share access to your garage"-button, it is because you do not have the rights to share a space. If this is the case, you need to contact the garage administrator if you wish you add more users/guests.

2) If you have access to several garages and spaces, you need to choose the space you want to share access to. When done, you press "Next".

3) Insert the phone number of the person who shall receive the access. When done, press "Next".

4) You then choose the time frame you want the person to have access. You set the start date under "From", and the end date under "To". If you wish to give the person permanent access, you choose "Forever". When done,, press "Next".

In certain garages, there are limitations for how long you can share access at a time. The app will automatically adjust the time you have chosen to fit the rules set by your garage administrator or board.

5) Press "Send invitation", and we will send a nice text to the person with a link to download the app. If they do not wish to download the app, they can always call the gate open on 23 50 68 88.

The access automatically expires when the chosen time frame is finished 😊

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