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Installing Parqiobox
Installing Parqiobox

Learn how easy it is to install the new Parqiobox

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The Parqiobox device has been developed from the ground up to be easy to install. Once you have the Parqiobox mounted, it is as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1: Install Antenna Cable On Port ( A )

While the Parqiobox has 2 antenna ports, only port ( A ) is used for cell network. (see illustration above). The antenna placement should be in a way that provides clean path to nearest cell tower. You can check cell tower placement with

Step 2: Wire Power to Pins ( C ) in Phoenix Block ( B )

The green Phoenix Block ( B ) is removable and this can simplify wiring. Use the provided 24V power supply and wire it up as shown with ( C ). +24V to Pin 1 and ground to Pin 2.

IMPORTANT: Use stranded wire, not solid core.

Step 3: Wire Door Trigger to Output ( E )

The garage gate controller should be wired to output ( E ) for opening via Parqio.

Pin 10 and Pin 12.

IMPORTANT: Use stranded wire, not solid core.

Step 4: Test the connection

Connect to WiFi "parqio-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" (serial number of the device) and go to in your browser to test network and relays.

Are you not seeing the "Relay test"? Please contact customer service.

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