With Parqio Admin, we make it easy for you as an administrator to keep track of who has access to the garage at all times. This guide shows you how to easily add and remove residents and others who need access to the garage.

Sign in

If you have been registered as an administrator for your garage, you will receive an SMS invitation to Parqio Admin as soon as your garage has been set up.

The admin panel can be found at https://admin.parqio.com

Sign in with your mobile number and one-time code that you will receive via SMS.


The location overview shows all the garages / areas you have administration rights to. This can be one or more, depending on how your housing association has organized the garage.

The green bar to the right of the garage shows recent activity. By clicking on one of the locations, you get an overview of associated gates, users, and spaces.

Administration of users

The user overview gives you an overview of all users who have access to the garage. Here you can search for and filter residents and guests based on name, id, telephone number, or which places they have access to.

User profile

You can click further on a user and get an overview of which places and vehicles are associated with the user. From here you can go further into each space and see which other users have these at their disposal.

Invite new users

Each space will have its own page where you can add and remove new users.

You can invite new residents or guests by pressing "Add user" in the space you want to invite. Once you have saved and completed the invitation, an SMS will be sent automatically with information about the service and a download link.

Change or delete access

By clicking on an existing user, you can change or delete access. If you want to immediately remove a user who will no longer have access, press "Delete access".

You can also change to temporary access by pressing the "No expiration" lever. Access is now changing from permanent to temporary. The system sets 3 days by default. You can adjust this to apply for a longer period or the same day by selecting dates in the calendar. Then press "Save changes".

NB! When access to a user changes, they will in the current solution receive a new SMS invitation (Temporary / Guest Parking). We are working to improve this part of the solution as this can seem confusing to residents. (Resident/end-user does not need to do anything)

Removal of access for temporary users will take effect at midnight on the day the access expires.

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